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Ziegie’s camping ground offers a beautifully-built rustic bathroom with timber surrounds, and features an open air bath, as well as a separate family bathroom. We also have standard ladies and gents facilities. Water taps and power points are available. We have braais and a self-catering kitchen with hot and cold water. Meals are available upon request. We are licensed to serve soft liquor. Lodge offers conference facilities.

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Researching in South Africa As an amateur genealogist initially I found it difficult to know how to research in South Africa but with a great deal of help from others and persistence I have learned a lot and consequently had enormous success in finding my family. Because of this and to assist fellow researchers I have compiled this web page. The pages are compiled from various sources and compiled in good faith for the benefit of all and the profit of none.

It was the Dutch colony of the Cape of Good Hope from to

m him, make yourself inaccessible. For all you know, all he needs is a bit of space and some time to start missing you. Perhaps after a while he will even start to miss .

The prior period reported earnings were impacted by voluntary early retirement packages VERPs and voluntary severance packages VSPs of R1 million with a tax benefit of R million. On a normalised basis, i. The improved performance is due to our multi-year business transformation program. T he above information has not been reviewed nor reported on by Telkom?

The Group’s results for the six months ended 30 September will be released on SENS on 15 November with a presentation in Johannesburg on the same day. The presentation will be available for all stakeholders on the Group’s website, www. The Annual Statements are available for viewing and downloading on the following link:

Serena Williams engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian

Re-establishing meaning and identity after committing atrocities. Work Experience She worked at the Department of Labour before and after qualification as a psychologist. She did career counselling and developed psycho-education programmes. In she started a practice in Sunnyside with Jacqui van Staden and has worked in private practice since them.

She is involved with Vista Clinic and has worked with them to change their group programme. She also presents workshops for them on the treatment of trauma such as complex trauma and acute trauma , mood and anxiety disorders using cognitive behaviour therapy.

Jennifer absa mweb vodamail co za Can not connect to outgoing server, useing vodamail as my smtp, on my tablet? How do i setup my mweb e-mail to my galaxy tab the pop3 seems to work but wont connect to server with for outgoing mail?

Life Size, Accurate and artistic: Pre-Historic animals – open 7 days a week. The Sudwala Dinosaur Park offers children an exciting and educational glimpse into the world of Dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals. It is situated next to the Sudwla Caves in a lush, sub-tropical forest garden where beautiful cabbage trees, cycads, monkeys and birds abound. Through countless eons the swirling whirlpools which occur as the Treur River plunges into the Blyde River, caused waterborne sand and rock to grind huge, cylindrical potholes into the bedrock of the river.

The Potholes were named after a gold digger, Tom Bourke, who staked a claim nearby. Although his claim did not produce a single ounce of gold, he correctly predicted that large gold deposits would be found in the area. Just above the confluence of the Blyde and Treur Rivers is a curious formation of rounded holes in the rock caused by the perpetual swirling waters of the Treur River.


Japanese American man here to weigh in, and answer your question. There are a great many natural, scientific, and reproductive reasons in which a person will prefer a younger female over an older one. For arguments sake I’m going to compare a 13 year old to a 31 year old female. I’ll also grant both of them high levels of physical attractiveness, good physical, and mental health.

The 31 year old often times has had previous, and in today’s day and age numerous sexual partners prior to you. This increases your biological contamination risk levels.

Jack’s Camp Location: Desert camp in the Kalahari, Magadikgadi National Park Cell: 27 (0)83 e-mail: [email protected] The camp’s hub, a romantic canvas pavilion of low spires and finials, with a fluttering valance beneath its eaves could have come straight from a medieval jousting tourney, were it not a deciduous green.

Source of the data Process used to create the data For example, a digital image may include metadata that describes how large the picture is, the color depth, the image resolution, when the image was created, the shutter speed, and other data. Metadata within web pages can also contain descriptions of page content, as well as key words linked to the content. But if given the context that this database is a log of a book collection, those digit numbers may now be identified as ISBNs – information that refers to the book, but is not itself the information within the book.

The term “metadata” was coined in by Philip Bagley, in his book “Extension of Programming Language Concepts” where it is clear that he uses the term in the ISO “traditional” sense, which is “structural metadata” i. In these fields the word metadata is defined as “data about data”. Types[ edit ] While the metadata application is manifold, covering a large variety of fields, there are specialized and well-accepted models to specify types of metadata. Guide metadata helps humans find specific items and are usually expressed as a set of keywords in a natural language.

According to Ralph Kimball metadata can be divided into 2 similar categories: Technical metadata corresponds to internal metadata, and business metadata corresponds to external metadata. Kimball adds a third category, process metadata.


The eye-opening contents of this book confirms that the Final Countdown to Armageddon has begun! For decades, the Arab-Israel conflict was a potential fuse to the igniting of an international military confrontation – dreadedly of nuclear magnitude. The historic signing of the Oslo Peace Treaty on 15 Sept. As early as , after Israeli troops occupied Jerusalem, bringing Jews back for praying at the foundations of their ancient, Roman destroyed Temple for the first time in years, Jerusalem was already important enough to warrant several United Nations Resolutions to restrict Jewish claims on Jerusalem, their ancient Capital.

Dec 29,  · Tennis great Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian are engaged.

There are 10s of millions of voters who probably preferred to consume other, non MSM sources of information. But they certainly did and still do. They not only distrust the MSM, they seem to feel strongly that the MSM is controlled by forces that are intentionally trying to discredit the things they believe strongly in.

Who do they trust for their information? Pretty much anyone and any outlet that recognizes and reveals the impurity of MSM outlets and reinforces the purity of their beliefs. It can be a neighbor, friend, relative, talk show host, website or information source, real or otherwise.

What Are the Biggest 80’s Stars Up to Today?

Download the be2 app now: Your test results, a description of your ideal partner, and our partner recommendations are free and without obligation. Protecting your personal data. We ensure that your personal information and communication with your matches cannot be accessed by any outside party. In addition to this, only you get to decide who sees your pictures.

MWC is used in personal ads, such as those featured on Craigslist. The phrase means “married with children” and often implies that any encounter must be discreet.

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What makes them stand out among the dozens of other ‘fast food’ restaurant chains? In , an entrepreneur named Robert Brozin and his friend Fernando Duarte, went to a Portuguese takeaway restaurant named Chickenland in Rosettenville, southern Johannesburg. Brozin was so impressed with the restaurant’s flame grilled chicken that he proposed the pair of them buy the restaurant, which they duly did. They renamed the restaurant Nando’s, abbreviating Duarte’s first name.

Within two years, Nando’s had three outlets in Johannesburg and one in Portugal. Their growth and popularity continued, and today there are over 1, restaurants in 30 countries around the world, making Nando’s South Africa’s most successful restaurant group export.

What is SMSPortal. SMSPortal is South Africa’s leading bulk SMS service. With our simple API integration and cost effective bulk SMS solutions your business, brand or organisation can easily communicate with an expansive audience in a targeted manner.

SN SN I own a Curta II in a plastic case, serial , with instruction leaflet and a copy of the yellow computations manual. This is in excellent used condition. Bought from Bryan Halladay in England and was used in rallying. I am learning to use it competently in historic rallying of my MGB Roadster. I am interested in trading for a mint Curta I or Curta II in a metal case that is complete with all literature and box.

Also I would like to obtain a lether rally case as well. I am looking also for a complete Curta I in box with case, all original literature. I have located a “Curta cup” which attatches the Curta to a clipboard for rallying. I am told that a cable was also attatched as another piece of rally gear. Perhaps someone could educate me about this cable affair. I am also looking for an excellent late Curta II,complete with box, original literature to use everyday, as well as a Curta I with all of its literature and box to round off my collection.

I have also located a “Curta cup” for a Curta I as well.

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