Orange Is the New Black Writer Divorces Husband, Dating Actress Samira Wiley

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It’s Over! ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Cast Announces Final Season Set for 2019 [Video]

This article is our Orange Is the New Black season 5 news hub and will be updated and restructured to reflect new information. For now, Netflix is focused on the fifth season. Here’s everything we know Orange Is the New Black Season 5 Trailer We’ve got a full-length trailer for the fifth season of Orange Is the New Black and it is chock-full of inspiring and hilarious moments as the inmates of Litchfield Penitentary protest for better conditions.

It picks up right where last year’s shocking climax left off.

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And in honour of its return we take a look at the real woman behind the hit Netflix series and find out just how much of the show’s sometimes-incredulous plot is true. In , a wealthy Boston woman, Piper Kerman, penned a book by the same name about her experiences behind bars after serving 13 months of a month prison sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering. Just like her character Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling, an inmate inside Litchfield penitentiary, the author fell in love with an ‘Alex Vaus’, ended up involved in an international drug ring, and met a real-life Red.

But which of the show’s most memorable moments really happened? Getty Just like Chapman, the real Piper was sent to prison after falling in love with a woman, known as Nora in her book, who made a fortune working in an international drug ring. According to her memoir, Piper smuggled money from Chicago to Brussels during her relationship with Nora and managed to get away with it for 10 years.

‘Orange Is the New Black’s’ Taylor Schilling injured during sex scene

What happened with the first episode? Daya points a gun at the guard in the opening scenes Image: Netflix The women hide as things kick-off in Litchfield Prison Image: Netflix The new season picks up immediately where season four left off, with Daya pointing a gun at Humphrey.

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Pin “I’ve literally played a prostitute about seven times,” actress Laverne Cox says, and her reel confirms it. There are trans women who are doctors, and lawyers, and nurses, and mothers, and sisters, and convicts. The highly anticipated show, based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, is set in a women’s prison and was renewed for a second season before it even premiered. Cox, who shares an acting coach with Nicole Kidman, plays Sophia, a trans woman who, pre-transition, was a firefighter.

In the third episode, guest-directed by Jodie Foster, we learn about her complicated relationship with her wife and son. Generally, trans folks are portrayed as tragic or heroic, but Sophia is multidimensional and complex, part hard-won confidence, part sweet underbelly. In one flashback scene, we see Sophia’s wife help her into a dress early on in her transition, and the pained tenderness when they kiss is palpable Cox says Foster was so moved by the scene that she came out behind the camera with tears in her eyes.

Later, when Sophia is cut off estrogen in prison for bullshit bureaucratic reasons, her panic — over not only the hair appearing on her chin, but also the serious medical issue of not having any hormone production in her body — is a nuanced portrayal of a pretty universal fear for trans people who take hormones, but one rarely discussed outside our communities.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Fans Angry Over Season 4’s Major Death

Taylor Schilling “I was somebody with a life that I chose for myself and now, now it’s just about getting through the day without crying. I’m scared that I’m not myself in here and I’m scared that I am. The series shows Piper’s journey through the prison system, beginning with her rough first week, during which she accidentally makes several enemies and struggles to adapt to life on the inside, as well as reuniting with Alex. Surprisingly—given how Chapman’s appearance stands out in prison holding the Hollywood standard of beauty—averted.

The real life Piper is the only one of the original main three her, “Alex” and Larry who shares definite physical resemblance with the on-screen character based on her. Piper is very skilled at this due to being well-educated and well-informed, and possibly owing to her narcissism.

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People Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli: Orange Is The New Black writer to divorce husband and be with actress after realising she is gay The scriptwriter said creating the story line of the hit series, set in a women’s prison, helped her to come to terms with her own sexuality Monday 15 September The couple had been together for six years — and married for five months — when she came to terms with her sexuality midway through creating the characters for the popular the Netflix series, TMZ reports.

After the pair had separated, she fell in love with one of the stars of the show, Samira Wiley, famed for her role as the loyal Poussey Washington. The couple made their first public appearance together at the Emmy Awards at the end of August. Morelli officially came out in May

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Writer Divorces Husband, Starts Dating Poussey Actress Samira Wiley

Friday, June 9, – What emoji does Uzo Aduba send to everyone? Would Taylor Schilling rather have fingers as long as arms or arms as long as fingers? This indie romcom’s telling of dates, break ups and steamy hook ups is all too real. Netflix 1 of 29 Boys:

The new season of Orange Is The New Black comes with a lot of new characters as many of the characters have been transferred to Litchfield maximum security after the riot. One of the ringleaders.

Morelli is now reportedly dating one of the Netflix series’ female stars, Samira Wiley. Morelli and Basilone filed for divorce jointly and split amicably, according to court documents obtained by E! Morelli came out as gay via a touching essay for Identities. Mic in May She explained that writing about protagonist Piper Chapman’s Taylor Schilling relationship with ex-girlfriend Alex Vause Laura Prepon helped her to accept her own sexual orientation just months after marrying Basilone.

I loved writing it, loved watching a tenderness emerge in their relationship where passion always seemed to be the ruling principle, but by that time, I was so deep in my own self-doubt that I constantly felt like a fraud,” she wrote. How could it not? I was married to a man, but I wasn’t straight. Same-sex celebrity couples It didn’t take long for Morelli to accept her truth. Wanting to read a book instead of have sex is a perfectly reasonable preference to have, right?

But on set, these small moments came into sharp relief, and I found myself answering to an endless stream of cast members who peppered me with questions like a gaggle of kindergarteners curious about their new teacher. Now, when I am in the writers’ room or on set, I no longer feel like I am stuck in the middle of two truths. I belong because my own narrative fits in alongside the fictional stories that we are telling on the show:


Comments The writer for the popular Netflix show Lauren Morelli and her husband of two years Steve Basilone have jointly filed for divorce and she is now dating Wiley. Lauren Morelli, one of the writers for ” Orange Is the New Black “, and her husband of two years Steve Basilone have agreed to go separate ways and now she is dating actress Samira Wiley who plays Poussey on the popular Netflix show.

According to TMZ, the writer and her ex-husband jointly filed for divorce recently.

Credit: Lauren Morelli on Instagram Orange is the New Black Orange Is the New Black Writer Divorces Husband, Dating Actress Samira Wiley September .

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During her first lunch time she sits at the same table as Nicky, Lorna and Yoga Jones and starts to befriend them. Although Piper tries hard not to get on anyone’s bad side, she had a habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Red , for instance, is the first person who suffers from her thoughtless words and in retaliation refuses to give Chapman any meals, as she is the head cook of the prison’s kitchen.

As well as insulting the food in front of the head cook, on Piper’s first day in prison she discovers that Alex Vause , her ex, is in prison with her and that she would have to deal with the person responsible for her incarceration. Although Alex wants to reconnect with her, Piper chooses to avoid her despite Alex sneaking her some food. Meanwhile, Piper finds a way to make it up to Red for insulting her food by creating a lotion to help with her back problems.

Her counselor Healy soon takes an interest in Piper because she has a fiance and is upper-class, which leads him to think he can use her as a puppet. During the prisoners council elections, she is chosen for a spot despite not even running for one, which makes Pennsatucky , a fanatic religious inmate who also ran for WAC , furious at her. Piper instantly attracts the affections of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren , who seems unaware that her feelings are not reciprocated.

When Piper attempts to lay the law down, Suzanne visits her at night and urinates all over her bunk floor.

‘Orange’ Creator Jenji Kohan: ‘Piper Was My Trojan Horse’

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Morelli and Basilone filed for divorce jointly and split amicably, according to court documents obtained snag a fish dating site E! Orange Is the Blafk Black returns for blcak five on June 9.

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Laura Gomez looking far less drab. Netflix5 of 54 Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman. Netflix7 of 54 Vicky Jeudy as Janae Watson. Moore as Cindy Hayes. Netflix9 of 54 Adrienne C. Netflix15 of 54 Diane Guerrero as Maritza Ramos. Netflix17 of 54 Selenis Leyva as Gloria Mendoza. Netflix21 of 54 Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Uzo Aduba