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What I want to know is how to identify different hand planes to know what I have and if they have any special uses. Much like grfrazee discusses in his answer I’m afraid there isn’t a good comprehensive site for all of these, so you’ll have to do some research on your own for some of the lesser-known makers. So that way if you see a plane you can get an idea of its purpose and know whether or not you need it in your collection. Again, this list is not meant to be extensive as there are many other types and some specialty types. The webpage Patrick’s Blood and Gore covers them more then we ever could in this format. Block These planes are smaller in size Not to be confused with finger planes which are even smaller and many can be worked with one hand. They specialize in end grain. Jack Hopefully it is safe to say that this would be one of the most common plane type you will run into. The “Jack of all trades” plane is what you would picture when you think of a plane. Metal ones should have a knob and a tote handle and the body would hide the plane iron inside as supposed to something like a rabbet plane.

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Oct 28,  · Siegley plow plane dating. (26” and 15”) with STS iron, but otherwise look just like Stanley No. 32 and 26 without any markings. Did Stanley also make the STS irons for the transitional planes? Or could that be pre-Stanley planes? Quote: Originally Posted by Repliconics View Post.

Stanley also offered the Millers Patent line of woodworking planes including the 44 which were introduced in , and phased out in the ‘s. They also made and offered the and plow planes for a longer period of time. The Millers Patent line of Stanley planes is discussed in length in Roger Smiths works on the subject or in John Walters out of print price guides. Miller held other plane patents, and worked for Stanley for a short time prior to this. It is believed Stanley made the plane, but it was never offered in any of their catalogs.

There is also info in Roger Smiths books. The collector found this plane in California back in the 70’s or early 80’s.

Common/Uncommon Type Breakdown

This came several years after the manufacture of Barber’s patent chuck and jaws, and two years after Amidon’s “Barber’s Improved” jaws made their appearance, empowering Millers Falls. Stanley didn’t have a chance, and wisely retreated from the brace business until they began buying brace companies in the early s. This history features the acquisition of the Bartholomew business in and then the Fray company in , leading to the development of an extensive line of braces that developed through the s and 30s.

Because my brace collection features pre patents, I’ve not been too interested in Stanley braces, except for those that have apparent rarity or unusual marks. For example, I own one ratchet brace that is a Stanley No. The brace has a sweetheart logo, dating it to the s.

I’m not super experienced with hand planes but to me it feels like it planes like a dream like a hot knife through butter. So I just recently came across ‘s Stanley plane dating flowchart and it is clearly a Type

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Sargent Hand Planes by the number–with pictures.

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Also you can find four rare Stanley Carriage planes, no. 10, 10C, 10 1/4 with tilting knob and tote and the rare Stanley no. 10 1/2 type 1 with adj. mouth. Stanley Bench planes range from the no. 2C to the no. 8 jointer plane.

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On types 6 and later it is flat with 2 groove milled into it. Note the beaded front knob, and the beautiful proper smaller profile, more curved than later examples, rosewood handle. There is no rust or pitting on the body and sole. The throat is good.

Stanley 4 1/2 Plane

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How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

The Stanley 46 and Skew-bladed Dado, Fillister and Plow Planes The Stanley 46 looks almost identical to the Stanley 45, except that the cutters are skewed or angled with respect to the bottom of the plane, and no beading or moulding blades were offered with them. Early models of the 46 and 47 had no fence, although the early 46’s had a guard plate that attached to the outside skate to facilitate rabbeting.

The guard was dropped when the 46 was given a fence similar to the The 47 was only ever an adjustable dado plane, it never had a fence or a guard plate so it couldn’t be used to rabbet or plow.

LATERAL LEVER. After 40 years of collecting Record Tools this is my finding on the lateral lever of Record hand planes from No 02 through to No 08, T5, No , and the No ½.

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Antique Stanley Tools

Relative methods stratigraphic, geomorphic, topographic are sound and convincing. Exhumed forms may complicate identification and relationships, for both epigene and etch forms have been buried, and exhumed, but in tectonically undisturbed areas, the higher surfaces are older than those preserved at lower levels. Also, surfaces have an age range.

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Note the indistinct ‘rib’ across the bottom at the rear, also found on very early 2 inch lever caps see above. Other factors such as military marks, boxes, penciled prices compared to price lists and Woden plane instructions WPI , have assisted in confirming these dating periods. Early and mid dated planes were packed in L1 boxes and later planes in L2 boxes see packaging below. These labels have been found on both L1 and L2 boxes.

L2 boxed planes may also be found with NIC but no sticker. This could be because NIC was then standard production and therefore these planes will be later production. Here are some other notes which may assist:: The body side and base thickness did vary slightly within sizes, varying from about 2. Casting marks on bench planes can be found underneath the handle. According to the Woden catalogues, all parts were made at the factory. It is probably that all early bodies were cast at the Wednesbury foundry, changing to an outside supplier from late onwards.

Early W4 frogs had a single lower face frame, which changed to two frames from about mid onwards. These frogs were probably cast at Wednesbury.

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Mar 13,  · I got a Stanley block plane in a lot of tools that I purchased recently that I’m trying to identify – I’m sure someone here can help me out. Though the iron says No. 91/2 both the plane and the iron are totally different than my other 91/2 planes.

Tuning a Stanley Bailey Bench Plane 1. Over years ago, when this plane was manufactured, Stanley was making woodworking planes in a variety of shapes and sizes for a multitude of different tasks. With some time and attention, this old tool will return to its former glory. The concept of tuning or fettling a plane is pretty straight forward.

The sole mut be flat. The chipbreaker, blade, frog and frog reciever the part of the main casting on which the frog sits must all make as much contact with one another as possible.

Antique Stanley Tools

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The original and seminal work of Roger K. Smith in his two volumes devoted to the identification and segregation of antique tools, particularly of the Stanley planes, has provided the basis for continuing interpretive work such as that presented in The Stanley Bench Plane Dating Page found at Jay Sutherland’s site.

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I will discuss different types of tools we are seeking and provide some information about their values. They may all look the same upon first glance or to the casual observer but that is not what antique collectible tools and their values are all about. All of these factors are intertwined. This plane dates from the late ‘s and is a popular and desirable collectible plane for several different reasons. At our sister website www.

Stanley’s cute little #1 hand plane- What was it for, and why’s it so rare?