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Worksop Castle A reconstruction of how the castle may have looked Castle Hill, Worksop is a motte and bailey castle dating to the late eleventh or early twelfth century. A substantial flat topped mound the motte , is surrounded by a massive defensive ditch and an exterior “counterscarp” bank. The summit of the motte was crowned by a large, stone shell keep within which were buildings such as a gatehouse, chapel and great hall.

A wooden bridge connected the motte to another fortified enclosure known as the bailey. The bailey is now lost beneath the modern car park. This enclosure contained buildings essential for the day to day life of the castle including stables, accommodation, and kitchens. The castle mound in The castle was built after the Norman Conquest in order to control the existing Anglo-Saxon town of “Werchesope”.

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Nestled on a hill, looking down on the city of Toronto in Canada, this castle was constructed with a specific purpose in mind. Not only did he pour money into what must have looked to be an endless black hole of building work, he also spent it on stonemasons who he brought from Scotland. Sir Henry oversaw the three-year building project that employed up to tradesmen. But he and his wife Lady Mary lived in their castle for just nine years before they fell into financial difficulties and were forced to sell it.

But it would soon fall into disrepair and its future was in the hands of the people of Toronto.

Welbourn Castle Hill has been described as a certain Timber Castle, and also as a probable Masonry Castle. There are earthwork remains. This site is a scheduled monument protected by law.

There are earthworks of different sorts, stones large and small, tombs of varying shapes and sizes, and so on. How on earth do you sort it all out and know what you’re looking at? Don’t worry, it isn’t as confusing as it looks. Here are the major prehistoric monuments you are likely to run across: Causewayed camps These are some of the oldest remains in the English landscape, dating from around B. They consist of a series of from one to four concentric rings of banks and ditches enclosing an area up to 9 hectares.

The ditches are bridged by ramps of earth, or causeways, in several places, sometimes with corresponding gaps in the banks to form an obvious place of entry. In a masterful attempt at confusion, archaeologists have named these enclosures “camps”, which they aren’t.

Michael Castle Trail

Before the fort[ edit ] Maiden Castle from the north Before the hill fort was built, a Neolithic causewayed enclosure was constructed on the site. Instead the ditches may have been symbolic, separating the interior of the enclosure and its activities from the outside. The interior of the enclosure has been disturbed by later habitation and farming.

The site does not appear to have been inhabited, although a grave containing the remains of two children, aged 6—7, has been discovered. In addition to the burials, which indicate the site at Maiden Castle was important for rituals related to death, pottery from the coast and areas to the east and west was found here, indicating that the site was a meeting place that attracted people over long distances.

Arrowheads discovered in the ditches may indicate that activity at the enclosure met a violent end.

The world-famous outdoor swimming pool at Hearst Castle was refilled in August after two years of restoration and repair. With water that refracts light to create a brilliant turquoise hue, the Neptune Pool is a photographer’s delight.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email An archaeological dig at Castle Hill is due to finish this week after nothing of significance was found at the historic site. Staff with the West Yorkshire Archaeological Services are expected to stop excavating in the next few days, ending a dig which had only started on Tuesday August The absence of anything of archaeological significance could mean that any future development plans are more likely to be given permission.

Andrew Robinson He thinks development of the site is now more likely. The trenches are located at the site of the former Castle Hill Hotel and a former tavern with outbuildings which was present in the early 19th century. Mr Hinchliffe said a decision had been taken at a meeting with Historic England not to dig any deeper. Apart from a few fragments of tobacco pipes and the remains of a ceramic bottle, nothing had been found. There is no date yet for the back filling.

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OS Map Grid Reference: There are earthwork remains. Description The ringwork known as Castle Hill survives well as a series of earthwork and buried remains. It is a rare example of a ringwork with a stone curtain wall rather than a timber palisade. The areas of raised ground will preserve evidence of land use prior to the construction of the monument, and water- logging will preserve evidence of organic remains, such as seeds, leather and timber, thus providing an insight into the economic and domestic activity of the site.

As a result of documentary research, geophysical survey and partial archaeological excavation, the site is quite well understood.

Summary. The substantial upstanding earthworks northwest of Castle Lane and north of Market Street, known as Castle Hill, are the remains of an Iron Age fort and a medieval motte and bailey is known about the Iron Age settlement. Excavation across the ramparts in confirmed that both the outer ditch and the outer rampart and ditch were constructed in the Iron Age.

Information provided by the Brecon Castle Hotel web site. The Brecon Beacons and the Brecon area have a long history of human habitation. Early settlements were mainly on the hill tops as the valleys would have been regularly flooded and covered in dense forest. Evidence has been found of the manufacture of flint tools on the castle site, dating back to years.

North West of the hotel is the remains of Pen-y-crug, an Iron Age hill fort. It may well have been occupied when the Romans arrived – Two miles to the west of Brecon lies Y-Gaer. The first regiment in occupation probably came from North West Spain. Brecon was a Roman cross-roads and some roman roads remain visible on the Beacons even today. In the fifth Century the local ruler is said to have sent his daughter to Ireland in search of a husband.

Many of her retinue of guards died on the journey. She found her Irish Prince their son, Brychan, was sent to Wales to grow up at the Court of his grandfather.

Castle Hill, Filleigh

Castle Built in the mid th century, during the Moorish period, this fortification is situated in the area most difficult to access at the top of the hill, making use of the natural slopes to the north and west. Unlike most European castles it was not meant as a residence. Lawrence located on the hillside. Ruins of older structures and a cistern still remain in a second courtyard. Also found here is a small door on the northern wall called the Door of Treason which allowed secret messengers to enter or exit when needed.

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Other nearby streets: Castle Hill Drive (1) Castle Hill Drive (2) Castle Hill Drive (3) Ladywell Court (1) Ladywell Court (2) Recent posts about Tampa, Florida on .

Contact Do you have an item for sale? The toy museum is always interested in purchasing items to add to its already vast collection. Please contact us to make an enquiry. Can I donate items to the toy museum? Donations are always gratefully received by the toy museum. Anything from single items up to whole collections. One mans collection — One mans dream!

Alan Goldsmith , owner and curator of the toy museum, was born during WWII, during a time in British history when so many sacrifices were made for the war effort in every walk of day to day life; toys were one of these sacrifices. His collection became so vast that he decided to open the now world famous toy museum in to the public for all to enjoy. Since Alan first opened the doors there have been over 2. The Castle is a unique open-air museum experience where the visitor can travel back in time over years and truly witness life in a medieval Motte and Bailey castle.

Explore the Castle and roam through the Norman village hidden behind the castle walls, wander in and out of the many houses and view the scenes, smell the log fires burning and feel the ambience of a bygone lifestyle. Meet and hand feed the tame Fallow deer and other rescued animals that roam freely throughout the 10 acre site.

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